Wine and Romance

I am connecting this to my son's post last night  entitled Wine is Poetry in a Bottle . I am adding a touch of romance to make it interesting.

Nowadays, I have observed that there is just not enough wine and romance in the world. Certainly there is plenty of good wine, and some romance here and there. But somewhere along the road we forgot the fine art of chivalry. Chivalry is usually associated with ideals of knightly virtues and courtly love. Sometimes it is used to describe courteous behavior of men towards women. I remember those great movies of old, with great actors like Richard Gere, and wonderful crooner Frank Sinatra (is this too old? hehe) . Life seems to have this deep sense of style, character, and romance. Unfortunately, somewhere through our evolution we have decided that it was fine to treat each other less than perfectly. As a matter of fact it was deemed to be more manly to be flip and rude than to be caring and attentive (that's a fact, and even some women love it. The likes of Robin Padilla. Hmm.)

In my view, I appreciate it if the man  opens the car door for  his lady every time they go for a drive. A man should  walk on the curb side of his woman, and should always stand when she leaves the table at a restaurant. Just little things that may seem like nothing, yet to me it is a little way that  can show a  girl that he loves her and care enough about her to pay attention to the details. Afterall it is all in the attention to details.

So men, why don't you  spread a little romance in this world? Open the door for your girl, allow her to order first, open the door for a stranger, or even offer a seat to an old woman standing infront of you. Believe in the fading adage," Ladies first". Simple little things that can show a person that you care enough to pay attention to the details.

Wine is a poetry in a bottle, yes indeed it is. However, it is more poetic if a man show gentle gestures.  

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