About Me

I am a young grandmom at 43 and loving it!
I have  experienced  several highs and lows, evens and odds in my life.
I have bittersweet memories and this is what I am now -
   an oxymoronic creature.  :-)

  I am an awful good student teacher.
     Yes, I am a student because everyday I am still learning about the different
      realities of life, dealing with the ambiguities in life.
     And yes, literally, I am a teacher educating students on literature and grammar.
  I am both awful and good at being a mentor and a learner.

I am a random order.  I have varied passions and whims. I hate and love.
 I have noble thoughts and clutter fancies. I play with my grandkids putting up the child in me while I    manage  the household doing my best to be a dad and a mom at the same time. I laugh at the top of my lungs and I cry in silence.
      At times I prefer to be in a state of deafening silence.
      and most of the time I am seriously funny.

I am writing my life here. It's been awhile that my life is an open secret. Sometimes I am clearly misunderstood. But try to take a look inside my heart. Attempt to read my mind. Certainly, a beauty inside and out unravels before your eyes. :-)

If still unfathomed, Please understand that -  this is all I simply am. This is all I can be... 

This time I want that secrecy be documented, I talk about it no more.
I am writing it.
....thus this website.

Thanks for taking a glimpse of me...