Life is like that

I once wrote This too shall pass, I know. It was all about the unstoppable  constant changes... things come and go, people move from one place to another, clouds change its form before our very eyes,  feelings sometimes get bad , at times feelings turn good.

And one day you wake up and the pain is gone, the sorrow is over, the guilt and sadness are vanished and you’ll find breathing again easy.

To get to that day you have to give time time. Get yourself the time you need, and don’t expect miracles. Remember, there will be good days and there will be bad days. You will laugh and cry in the same day. Better said… in the same hour. But you also have to fight it. Do not dwell in sorrow and do not get drown in the abyss of  loneliness. Keep your thoughts positive and your soul clean. Fight every single minute your sadness away.Take time to appreciate the beauty of the little flowers. Hug your kids tightly. Celebrate love.
Let your soul heal and be kind to yourself. Dance in the rain. Sing wonderful melodies. Praise and Worship.

You are beautiful enough! You are  adequately smart . You are incomparably kind. You are definitely worth it. Believe that.

Time will pass and happiness will find your path again. And then, you will wake up one morning and you will realize you are happy. You are yourself again.

Don’t beat yourself down. Life happens to all of us.

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