"You remind me of a poem I can't remember...a song that may never have existed, and a place I'm not sure I've ever been to." ~Abe Simpson

I am getting frantic at thinking about this over and over again. Being a bit sanguine, my mind doesn't stop boggling me. And it is all because of you. Who are you? What are you? What is it there that connects between us?  Indeed, you remind me of a poem. A poem that's too deep, a poem that is hard to comprehend, a poem that needs a lot of analyzing. A poem that is totally forgotten but is trapped in one corner of my hypothalamus. I am baffled. I don't know if you have a melody or a lyrics. I am trying to hum a note of you but I just can't find the right tune. My tongue is tied up everytime I utter your lyrics. I am  lost for words. You are a song that may never have existed. A melody that is out of tune. Mystified I am... Are you a place? A place I have never been to. I may have visited you only in my dreams but I just can't recall when and where.

You are a mystery, an enigma, a puzzle...

You are annoying, nevertheless; I am entertaining you in my thoughts. After all, my mind needs a bit of exercise. Just stay there. Soon Ill find out who you are or what you are.

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