Manny Pacquiao: So tough-fisted and yet so soft-hearted

The heat is on!

Here in Gen Santos City, everyone is excited and thrilled because the Pambansang Kamao, the Filipino's national pride, Sarangani province's Congressman, and Gen. Santos City's boxing jewel , MANNY PACQUIAO will again show his agility, power and speed in the boxing ring. The legendary Pacman is set to fight Margarito Antonio on November 13 in Dallas and it is expected that the 31-year-old GenSan native would emerge victorious in the upcoming bout.

 To his adoring fans, he is Our Manny. To the boxing pundits and  enthusiasts he is Pacquiao. To my bubbly, cheerful and talented student, ZENDEE ROSE TENERIFE,  he is Sir Manny. Zendee is Manny's singer and talent during his campaign period for a seat in the congress. He  tagged along this curly pretty girl who is  blessed with a very powerful voice, to every town of  Sarangani Province to help him entertain the people. Zendee , a local talent, was Manny's personal choice.

Manny is known as a very generous person. I think he was born that way. I have read that at one time he couldn't give anything away, but now he's a richer man he tries to help the people who are poor because he was once in that position. Zendee, is a recipient of his benevolence and kindness. She is one of  Manny Pacquiao scholars. She said that  Sir Manny is naturally wacky and so down-to earth.

Manny  who worked in the hardcore streets of General Santos City selling breads and other bakery goods, now a holder of several boxing titles, is undoubtedly a good man. We see him in the ring as tough and relentless individual but outside the four corners of the ring, is a man of  generosity and kindness.

The heat is on! Go Manny, knock Margarito out!

Here are some pictures of Manny during the campaign period. Thanks to Zendee for sharing.

so humble

manny and zendee

manny the singer

vote for manny

now the congressman

his moment

her moment



the man w/ zen



funny shot

si kulot ,the mansion and the glove-shaped pool