Random thoughts: About first day of school

Today was the first day of school for the second semester.  For most of the teachers,  it was also the start of another grueling life dealing with the students, paper works, grades, coworkers, and with all things that have something to do with school life. To be an effective teacher, be sure you should have a good start in every endeavor that you get into. The quality  you set on the first day of school will impact your relationship with your students and the smooth running of your classes for the rest of the year.
If you properly prepare for the first day, students will be left with a powerful first impression. However, teachers who are unprepared or view the first day as inconsequential may have to work even harder for a longer period of time to establish a positive working environment for themselves and the class. 
For a good start, be sure you present a positive attitude. Make your students feel comfortable and welcome in your class. Be at ease and treat students respectfully, and you will establish a high standard for the tone of your classes. Always appear interested and flash a smile.

Introduce yourself to the students. They will be happy to know a piece of you.Sharing some personal information about yourself will help you establish a trusting environment. Introduce as well some basic classroom rules. 

Setting the right tone on the first day of school is a critical first step in creating an effective classroom. I just did it today!


  1. Congratz Mommy. Tomorrow is my first day...go go go Goodluck to me