3 Million Thoughts

My blogging seems to be waning and I hate it....I feel like I have three million thoughts in my head at once and it is takes a lot of effort  to sort through them all to find something coherent that anybody else would even care to read about. But just to share, here are a few of those millions of thoughts. Maybe if I get them out it will make room for something worthwhile.
  1. My goal to read 20 books is well on track...Oh, my! I think I have to put this aside. I am presently dealing with my visual problem. I broke my glasses last week, and am wearing a new one. But I think it doesn't fit me. My eyes hurt. And this is one of the reasons why I am not into blogging nowadays. I am not comfy.
  2. I thought it would be a great idea to have a sleepover on a bestfriend's  house and talk until the wee hours in the morning while munching on pizza and drinking bottomless iced tea.
  3. I kinda, sorta held a butterfly. Okay, it touched my hand for a second and it has a pretty color. I love butterflies.
  4. My Joshua will be turning 3 in a week. He is excited. All he knows about birthdays is balloons.I am going to buy him balloons of different colors. He would surely love it.
  5. I am a woman of many wishes...I hope someone would wrap a backhoe as a birthday gift for Owa. He would love a big one that he can ride on.
  6. My hair is a bit wavy. It gets unruly most of the time. I do always have a bad hair day and this sets my bad mood day. I wish it gets back to its old shape, just like when I was in high school. Parang na rebond hehe..
  7. I am deadset against fat. Yes, I am now against shapes at the wrong places. I am working on my diet. I am now starting to drink apple cider vinegar with honey :-) 
  8. Vacation... i dunno where to. and of course, it entails budget. So, I need an extra budget for that.
  9. Dreams, wishes, Christmas list for my little boys.
  10. To top them all, I hope I could finish writing my thesis. I hope an idea would pop up my mind suddenly and it would be the start of a good thesis.  

I will go to bed now. Hopefully, I could write something nice tomorrow. 

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