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Today is a holiday. It wasn't a busy day and  I had enough time to rest after a grueling week. In the morning, we went to Forest Lake to visit my dad's tomb. After  saying a short prayer, lighting a candle, offering a bouquet of flowers, we sat on the grass. I explored my eyes on the different sights. The memorial park looked like a fast food area :-) with so much food carts all over the place. Anyway, they made the place lively and lovely. Memorial parks shouldn't be spooky, right?

You may wonder why my title is Cook With Joseph. Well, that's my son's blogsite. He is a chef wannabe, thus his site is more of cooking, his personal experiences pertaining his course, restaurants and some cooking tips. He has just started but surprisingly he has had much viewers in a day. lol! thanks to his friends in FB hehehe. Anyway, if you are into cooking or even not into cooking, you can visit him here.
His blogs speaks so much of himself. He really cooks well...

And the proud mom here just waits for what he would serve on the table  :-)

the chef wannabe

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