EI in the workplace

While browsing the net, I bumped into this. This caught my attention and I thought of it as a nice topic to share. Work is important to us. Though sometimes it brings discomfort in some aspects like we need to leave our sick child because we need to work, still, we have to accept the fact that it is where we make a living. Even if we're in a job where the environment has grown increasingly stressful, we can retain a large measure of self-control and self-confidence by understanding and practicing emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the ability to manage and use our emotions in positive and constructive ways. It's about communicating with others in ways that draw people to us, overcome differences, repair wounded feelings, and defuse tension and stress.

Emotional intelligence in the workplace has four major components:

  • Self-awareness – The ability to recognize our emotions and their impact while using gut feelings to guide our decisions.  
      - We should know ourselves. I think this is knowing our individuality, likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses. My likes? I like laughing out loud. I take everything as a passing fancy but friendship. After a  life in the classroom, who doesn't need a good laugh anyway?
  • Self-management – The ability to control our emotions and behavior and adapt to changing circumstances. 
   - A big check to this. Remember, it is hard to retrieve the harsh words we have said. Life is
     a constant change. Adjust, adjust, adjust!

  • Social awareness – The ability to sense, understand, and react to other's emotions and feel comfortable socially. 
    - Insensitive people are hard to deal with.

  • Relationship management – The ability to inspire, influence, and connect to others and manage conflict.
     -  As a teacher and a coworker, we should know how to inspire others. To manage conflict?
           I can do it 100% :-)

I want to end this by repeating the last line of the introductory paragraph..  Emotional intelligence is  about communicating with others in ways that draw people to us, overcome differences, repair wounded feelings, and defuse tension and stress.

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