Random thoughts: Wala lang....

This week has been a strange one. I have seen so much negativity here and I am craving some nice thoughts. I stood by this week and let people walk all over me. I stood by and watched people pass by me.  Sometimes I pretend I am invisible and that I just get "the raw end of the stick" because people are having a bad day. But do I really deserve it? I try to be nice and maybe I just want to be noticed   but it is so hard to be when you get nothing back in return. I have tried to "fit in" out here but so many obstacles keep it from happening. I am just so tired of trying to be nice when all I get in return is crap! God taught us to love one another so why cant we? Instead it seems like we hurt one another until one of us breaks. What good is this doing? Are we accomplishing anything other than causing pain? I just wish some people would be sensitive and nice.  I wonder if they even know how bad they have hurt other person or if they even care that they hurt that person at all.

Enough of my venting. I guess I will put on a smile and continue on my way. All I can try to do is to keep being nice to everyone I encounter and hope that things might change for the better someday soon.


  1. Hi Ga!
    Lanie's here. I read your article today. Its seem you feel bad from somebody made you awful. Don't mine them its there world and there's nothing you can do to it. Remember this: Doing a favor or showing understanding and compassion just feels good. To do so for praise or other benefit is more of a trade and does not have the same effect. To be kind without taking credit for it is a true unselfish act of goodness. Not only are we performing a kindness, but we are doing ourselves a big favor by reducing our stresses and improving our well being.
    Be strong and am here for you! Love you my friend!

  2. weeeee nice one, langga. muahh! ure great talaga..tnx for dropping by...