Love is...

I have read a book last night and after putting it down, reflection got in.

I used to think that for a relationship to work,you just held on regardless of the risks involved. But love flourishes only under a positive, supportive environment. If you have the faith that it is love in the purest sense of the word, then it is worth all the effort and initial sacrifices you'll undergo to reach the point when you can be together, under the right circumstances.

Sometimes, to have a lasting relationship, you must recognize the need for a time-out to fix what needs to be fixed.

If and when things fall into place, and you're both physically, emotionally, and psychologically there together, then it must be really love.

Who wouldn't be willing to to go through the unselfish sacrifices to reach an ending like that of "An Affair to Remember" (pwera wheelchair)as opposed to the short-lived passion and the tragic ending of "The Bridges of Madison County?"

Love is worth waiting for. I'd never have recognized this as true had I not gone through all the challenges, the loneliness, and the pain of the past years that I've been on my own. And if it will require much effort and going through many obstacles to reach our goal, then maybe what will be the result will be for keeps.

Love, after all is not a cage. Maybe only after exploring all options would I know what choice is truly best for me. And that choice will be worth fighting for. In everything in life, what you have worked hardest to achieve is what you'll protect and cherish the most.

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