It was our card day today.

Giving grades can be either the most satisfying or the most frustrating job for us teachers. Satisfying that it feels good to reward a job well done. Frustrating when one sees the frowns and grimaces when a student gets a grade of "5".

Contrary to what many students believe, making grades is never an easy task.  Teachers don't compute grades using a dartboard. Sometimes I worry about the possible effects a failing grade would have on a student or whether I should pass a student for humanitarian reasons even if he/she is supposed to fail. 

Teachers are human after all.  We are not monsters students picture as to be. At times, it pains me to give a "5". I feel that a student's failing grade also means my failure as a teacher.

That, however, doesn't stop me from giving a "5" especially if the student took the course for granted. Just this morning I handed out some "5s" to deserving students. And those "5s" I gave become markers in my memories. They provide me with some unforgettable stories.

There was this student who burst into tears upon receiving her classcard that has "5" written on it. She deserved it anyway.  She never stopped crying and this prompted me to call her and talked with her. She had a story,a sad story... My mind was in a tug of war whether to give her a removal or not. But,I listened...

There have also been happy stories concerning grades. And these stories made me happy as well.

But looking back at all these things, I can't help but doubt the importance of grades. I have never looked at grades as a true measure of a person's worth.  There is this person known to be intelligent who never impressed me with all the high grades she got.

Bad grades shouldn't stop a person from reaping success. One shouldn't lose hope. Grades never really reflect honor, honesty,compassion, generosity, discipline, love. And in those things that we really need high marks.

Teaching is never an easy job. Though it is really hard, I know that I'll always want something, and that is to continue making the grade.



  1. ...and continue giving 5s to deserving students..hehehe :))

  2. Nice and true story about the task of a teacher! i like it ma'am

  3. tnx for the comments guys hehe